Hi. Sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve actually got a really good reason for it, in addition to the holidays being super busy and the fact that as I’ve stated MANY times…. I’m horrible at getting myself to blog. I’m great at thinking up ideas.. when I’m driving.. but of course I need my hands for that, so things don’t get written down. I’m horrible.. TERRIBLE at thinking of things when I’m in front of the computer with my fingers on the keys. I don’t know why. And when I do think of things and manage to write them down, it’s always when I’m two days away from a deadline I’d estimated for someone, or scrambling to dig out of an avalanche of boring, officey, contracty, listy type things. Basically… I slip up, and blogging is the main victim of my not being good at everything.

Anyway, my really good reason (not that it should be an excuse)- I’m doing a total overhaul on basically everything. I’ve previously been a Lightroom only gal (not by choice), but now I’m dipping my toe into the magical and terrifying world of Photoshop. I don’t want to do it on my actual jobs yet because I want to be able to be consistent, but I’m playing around with it. If nothing else, I’ve learned to make a few basic templates with my logo to use for print credits and stuff like that.

Which brings me to my next point! For the past 6 months or so, I’ve been testing out printers to see which one has the best quality for the price. I’ve settled on one company for prints, and another for canvases- even though the first company offers canvases and I could probably make my own life easier by going with them- but the canvas company roped me in with a KILLER deal for first-timers, and then provided me with PHENOMINAL customer service in the follow-up. And the real clencher was the GORGEOUS, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL quality of my big ol’ 16×24 canvas. Sold. Absolutely sold. I’ve seen a few canvases at drug stores and super stores that make me cringe after beholding the gloriousness of the canvas I bought. Anyway. My point is, I’ve been testing because I’m now incorporating prints and canvases into my business! This of course meant hours of restructuring, repricing, and reworking my packages and contracts, but I’m so excited. I’ve become a print addict in fact. It’s getting a bit out of hand. I just can’t wait to be able to share these amazing things with my clients!

Another big thing for me- I decided it was time to finally dish out the cash I’d been holding out on to purchase a domain name and build a website. So, I did that. And I started wordpress on it. So, my blog will most likely be jumping over there at some point. Not really sure how that goes yet, but I’ve done a little reading. Now the big thing is the actual… well, building of the site. It’s deep. REAL deep. But being the independent little DIYer that I am, I decided I was gonna do as much of it myself as I logically could without actual training, and I bought a theme. I’m working my through setting that up, small bursts at a time. I guess we’ll see how long it takes me to break down in tears and just hire a pro like I should have to begin with. So I have a site! And it has my logo and two galleries on it! And that’s about it other than some forms and connecting to my email and back-end things and such.

Somewhat on that topic as well as the Photoshop topic, I also apparently have a free subscription to a gallery site called because of my subscription to Photoshop CC. Which might mean nothing to you unless you’re familiar with Photoshop and other Adobe products, so I’ll explain really quickly: Up until recently, Photoshop was software that was purchased on a one-time basis for around $700-$800, and downloaded to your computer for use indefinitely. It was part of Adobe’s Creative Suite that had many different creative and wonderful-looking programs (that are basically a different language to me because there’s such a huge amount of learning involved in each one-but I’d love to get my hands on a few eventually), all of which could be purchased individually or altogether as the “Creative Suite”. Well, now they’ve switched to Creative Cloud, which is a monthly subscription-based version of the same thing, except that you install the software to your computer from a “cloud”. I happened to catch a great black friday deal that was targeted to photographers- $9.99 a month for Photoshop CC plus a non-subscription based Lightroom 5 (I’ve been using Lightroom 4 until now). They had recently partnered up with a site called and offered a free subscription to it along with the Photoshop subscription. I haven’t even touched that one yet. It seems pretty cool though, and I’m really excited to try it out.

And last, but not least, I’m switching gears completely in the midst of all of these changes. Up until now, I’d been basically advertising for any sort of session- senior, family, child, newborn, infant, wedding, engagement… anything I could think of. I’m still planning on accepting those types of sessions for now, but I’ll be switching my marketing dollars and time to focus on seniors and couples. Though I’ve thoroughly loved working with all sorts of people, particularly those sweet little babies, I’d noticed that broad marketing was this huge obstacle that I couldn’t seem to overcome, and realized that I’d probably be better at my job if I specialized in a few things, rather than everything. And since seniors and couples are two types of sessions that I find SO exciting… I’ve been gradually drawn to those types more and more.

Anyway. That was a bit of an update on Katie Bauer Photography. I’ve been absent, but I haven’t been stagnant 🙂 And I’m super excited for 2014.


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