Brandon [2014 Senior Session]


Brandon is a senior this year at Eastern Hancock High School, and involved with tennis and baseball, although we didn’t get any athletic photos in this session. Brandon also started playing the guitar about a year ago, and I’m so glad he brought it along, because those are probably my favorite shots of the session. And in addition to his athletic and musical side, Brandon is planning on attending college next year for engineering, so he’s got quite the brain as well! And let us not leave out that wonderful smile! He was wonderful. I often have to coax a smile out of teenage guys, but I had no trouble with Brandon at all. I’d just tell him to smile, and boom. Big, natural, relaxed smile- perfect model!

We scheduled Brandon’s session back in July to be shot in September. Brandon and his mom, Tracy, wanted to get some of those gorgeous fall colors in his senior photos, so after thinking it over for a week or so, I contacted Tracy to let her know I didn’t think the leaves would be changing by September, and we rescheduled for the beginning of October. Well, we had some weird weather this year. Those stubborn leaves didn’t start changing until around mid-October, so as our day approached, we talked it over and decided to push it back another week or so. The leaves were still pretty green in some areas, but we certainly captured some nice yellows and oranges in some of them!

As I was editing Brandon’s session, I was in the midst of working on some different editing techniques. I made certain to include all of my normal styled edits, but I also added in some of my experiments, so we have a few with multiple edits on them. Just for fun.

I wish Brandon all of the luck in the world for the remainder of his senior year, and as he starts the next chapter in his life!


2 responses to “Brandon [2014 Senior Session]

    • Leanne, it might be a really good thing for you! Eventually I’m planning on narrowing specialty to wedding and seniors, because they’re really enjoyable to me.
      And yes they are. Or, at least most of them are. A lot of senior photographers will start advertising to juniors during the spring before entering their last year, and then the photos are generally taken over the summer or in the fall of their last year.
      Good luck if you do! I really enjoy working with people who are excited about something (hence seniors and weddings:) It can be so rewarding!

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