Hayley [Senior 2014 Session]


I’m finally getting to Hayley’s entire session! I really loved how these turned out. Hayley is a homeschooled senior this year, and played on the homeschool volleyball team, the Angels- which was the same team I played on during MY senior year:) As you can see in some of the photos, she has the awesome geek streak (don’t miss the shots where she’s wearing her Marvel heroes shirt, complete with Thor earrings!), and she sure gets that honestly- it’s one of the things I love about her family!

Hayley’s style was great. It was eclectic, and it was various. She started in a relatively casual (yet still adorable) outfit, and every so often would switch things out for a new look. When we hopped over to the little Elmo A Funk park near the down town area, she changed into a beautiful black dress for her formal violin shots. Her outfit, the violin, and the beauty of the park were all a PERFECT match. I also loved the fact that she chose her Marvel outfit for the fun train track photos…. and boy, can that girl accessorize! The earrings, the necklaces.. and those GORGEOUS rings really finished off her look- and she was constantly switching it up!

This session was a lot of fun for me, not only because of the fact that I’ve had the pleasure of watching Hayley grow into such a lovely young woman, but also because we tried out several locations for some variety. It was a lot like an adventure for me.. her mom and dad, Stacie and Jason, tend to hike the area on occasion and they were kind enough to show me the path to get down to the waterfront (something I’ve had a hard time finding until then!)… and of course we took advantage of it and got some great shots in the mean time! Hayley is an absolute sweetheart, and I’m so excited to see where life takes her!


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