The Meadows Family [Playing at the Park]


My, oh my. I admit, I get sidetracked really easily, and when I have several tasks to do, I tend to forget about a few- the… less urgent ones.. and focus on others. That’s sort of what’s happened to me these past couple of weeks. I’ve had several shoots within the past 3 or so weeks and I’ve gotten all wrapped up in the editing, the facebooking, the decorating of the disc cases, the delivery, the communication, and the preparation for the next shoot… and sort of put blogging on the back burner. SO I’ll likely have several posts in the next week or so, because my scheduled shoot for this weekend has been postponed! I’m kind of glad though, because I’d love to spend some time to do some extra-special ones for that family, and I haven’t had time to plan that out lately!

Anyway- The Meadows family! These guys were HILARIOUS!! Tina found me through Noel when I did Izzy and Andrew’s photos, and this was my first time meeting the family. She wanted to do a session with her mother, herself and husband Greg, her daughter Abby, and her brothers- Brandon, Brad and his wife Andrea. One of the first things Tina told me was that they were very sarcastic- and this just made my day. There was never a dull moment- always a joke, someone getting picked on in a playful way, or people giggling. I just loved it. They were so much fun in their photos too, especially when we got to the playground! Believe me- they all played, and I just loved the fact that you can see their lighthearted spirits in the outcome!

When our time was up, I started heading to the car and packing up to leave and looked up to notice that rather than hopping in their vehicles and leaving as well, they’d grabbed a couple of plastic bats and a ball out of one of the cars, and were walking toward an empty patch of grass. I can only assume they were starting a game of whiffle ball!

I had a lovely time with this family, and next month I get to do a session with Brad and Andrea again, only with Andrea’s side of the family! I can’t wait!


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