Logan [2014 Senior Session]


Logan and her family were just lovely! Logan is a senior this year at the same school her mom went to (which I think is super-cool), and I just loved the fact that she and her parents were so “on it” as far as the clothing department goes! Logan picked several outfits to bring along, and I was just thrown for a loop with how well they addressed clothing changing. We’d shoot a few poses, decide to move on, and before I knew it, Logan would be rocking a totally different look than before. Her dad, Tim, was wonderful and acted as a moving clothing rack to keep from needing to run back to the vehicle, and because of this the session went smooth as butter!

Logan was such a sweet girl. It was interesting talking to her, because it doesn’t seem like THAT long ago when I was her age. She has such excitement ahead of her, and hearing about that excitement really brings joy to me. And, she really gained some points with me, because when she told me that her older brother was 22 years old, I told her my little sister was 22 also. She looked at me and said “Your LITTLE sister is 22? I didn’t think you were even that old!”

So here they are! Congratulations on your senior year, Logan! I know you’ll have a wonderful time- just be certain to make the best memories you can, because you’ll cherish them forever!


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