An Artsy Adventure with Wonderful Friends


Last month, I had the joy of hopping in the car and taking off to enjoy a wonderful afternoon/evening with my two beautiful friends, Katie and Lindsey in Indianapolis.

Katie and Lindsey are two girls who have been a big part of my life for the past 8 years. When I was a senior in high school, I found myself homeschooled after spending my entire life at one school. I was a bit nervous going into my senior year not knowing ANYONE other than my sister and my friend Jessica who homeschooled that year too and graduated with me.. but we joined the local volleyball team, and shortly after our first volleyball practice, I officially met Katie and Lindsey at a soccer game. I remember, they came up and said they’d noticed we were new to their volleyball team, and they introduced themselves. As twins. I spent about 5 minutes denying the fact that they were twins- or even sisters for that matter, because at that time I couldn’t see the resemblance. I really just thought they were joking around with me, trying to test my gullibility. BACK THEN anyway. Katie has a darker complexion.. dark hair and brown eyes that are so soft and gentle you can just see her quiet, loyal spirit in them. Lindsey has blonde hair and sharp, piercing bluish greenish eyes which I SWEAR change colors- her eyes also perfectly reflect her personality- bubbly, spunky, and fun. So, at first, I could see no family resemblance. Of course now, I see a TON of Susan, their mom, in Lindsey’s features, and Katie is the spitting female image of their dad. Of course, I see a lot of resemblance in each other now too. Anyway, we started talking and became friends immediately. Katie and Lindsey had another friend who came along with the package too- Annie. I’ve NEVER become attached to anyone as quickly as I did these three girls. Within no time, I was spending my evenings running around town acting like hoodlums with those three, my sister, and our friend Jenna who’d been my sister’s best friend since they were in elementary school. Frequent activities included, but were not limited to: driving around aimlessly with music pumped up, yelling strange things at pedestrians, countless Taco Bell runs, going to department stores to play in the toy section, dinner at Perkins and making friends with the servers, swimming at Jenna’s mom’s house and taking a break for food or to hit up a store to buy pool toys (once we all pooled our money together to buy an inflatable pirate ship, complete with a squirt gun mounted on the deck. We definitely exceeded the weight limit on it.. Once we got it back to the pool, it lasted roughly 20 minutes before we put a hole in it, but it was the best 20 minutes ever), delivering things like store-bought pepperoni and bananas to a random guy they knew’s mailbox, running around a movie theatre where we were the only ones in attendance and climbing up behind the screen, and an annual “T’anksgiving” dinner featuring frozen pizza, rotisserie chicken, canned green beans, chicken nuggets, pepperjack cheese (generally bitten off the chunk rather than sliced) macaroni and cheese, chocolate covered strawberries, and cookie dough among other variable edible items…. typical annoying teenager things, but it was so much fun. Of course we’ve grown up and our shenanigans aren’t quite as annoying to the outsider who happens to be in our vicinity. We definitely still have that T’anksgiving dinner every year, and I’m guessing the shopping trip beforehand is still probably pretty loud. But that’s what happens when you throw 6 women into a group and send them out to have fun… My husband has actually dubbed the group “The Crazy Women Brigade”. These ladies have been here through joy and tears, growing up and the realizing that growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, breakups, brand new experiences, and they were all there with me on the biggest day of my life- my wedding! And now, I’m extremely excited because Annie will be getting married this December 🙂

I totally forgot to mention earlier (although I’ve mentioned it a few times before in previous posts), Katie is a wonderful photographer. She’s the talented chick behind the lens of, and in my photos, you get to see that talented chick happens to have an adorable face as well! I love the fact that Katie and I share the photography itch. Ever since I’ve known Katie, we’ve always shared similar interests, and I think that’s one of the things that’s always drawn her near to my heart. It’s always wonderful to get together with one of your favorite people and throw around ideas about something you enjoy, and have a little fun practicing while you’re at it. I’m also extremely grateful to Katie, because since I don’t do many selfies other than when I want one of myself with my husband, I have very few photos to post on my online accounts to put a face with my words. Because of Katie’s wonderful work, I ended up with some photos of myself done in an artistic and beautiful way that I can use as the “face” to my online presence. I do plan on working on the selfie thing. I just feel awkward I guess.. I’ve never really been the one to do the cellphone selfies, and it’s even weirder to have to set up a tripod and use the remote shutter release- I watched a video where Alex Beadon challenges photographers to practice selfies for the sake of their business and showed some beautiful examples of her own… so I’ll work on it.

Anyway, enough of the nostalgia, lets get back to the day I’m actually posting about! Lindsey was working during the beginning of the day, so I met up with Katie at their apartment in Indianapolis, and we hopped in her car to head to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We got there around an hour before they closed the museum area, so we only got to look at Dutch works from around the 1600’s and 1700’s, and a bit of pointillism. Still fascinating.

After the museum closed, we still had from 5 to sundown to check out the grounds of the IMA, and it was magical. We walked through the woods and found interesting art installations and clusters of arrow signs- some were extremely funny, some were sarcastic, and some were completely blank. They made for some whimsical shots, for sure! We also found the visitors’ pavilion in the woods. I want to live there. We both do. It was amazing. A small building with a very mid-20th century modern design, which reminded me a lot of something of a miniature Frank Lloyd Wright, who happens to be an architect that I’ve always been very fascinated by- not only because he shares my same maiden name making me hope I’m in some way distantly related to him, but because he was an architectural genius with extremely novel ideas for his time (by the way… keep in mind, this guy was born shortly after the Civil War and died in 1959. Check out his concept idea for Broadacre City).

We wandered around for probably a couple of hours, exploring and taking photos of each other with the gorgeous scenery. Our time at the IMA was so much fun. And when we started getting hungry, we headed back to the apartment to meet up with Lindsey for dinner. We went to a little Mexican restaurant, and walked around the Fountain Square area. During that time, the light was just wonderful and the quaintness of the city made for some great backdrop. After a while we headed off to a DREAM place- a frozen yogurt/coffee shop! Unfortunately I was too stuffed for frozen yogurt, but I definitely had some room for an americano!

I had an absolute blast that day, and I’d LOVE to get together with them again before it gets too cold. Katie and Lindsey have my heart forever. They’re the type of friends who can make any day better, and lucky for me, when I make plans to see one of them, I often get a double dose!

Now take a look at these little dolls and the wonderful time we had.


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