So excited to finally get to blogging this session! This was my second shoot with this lovely group of people, and I had just as much fun this time as I did with Izzy’s 6 month session! This time we did family shots of Andrew and Amanda’s family, with Andrew’s dad and brother joining in, and then went for Andrew’s shots afterward.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, you already know that Amanda and Noel have been friends for years. And in this session, we get to see just how long- because Amanda brought along some of their photos of growing up together to show Andrew and Izzy. The result of that part of the session was a super sweet sort of lifestyle feel. I love it! Actually, this entire shoot was pretty much a lifestyle session… Amanda brought so many things to keep Andrew occupied while I was shooting his photos- a scooter, an assortment of balls, a hula hoop (that kid has moves!), a baseball and bat, and golfball and club- and I am in love with the result. I find myself emphasizing this quite often- but when you get a person inside of their comfort zone and doing what they love to do, the photos just turn out better than ever. I think Andrew’s session is a perfect example of this! And I’m also starting to be drawn more and more to this style of photography. Candids are just so amazing. I feel like the “smile and say cheese” mentality has subconsciously trained us to put up a barrier whenever a camera is pointed at us. We think this is how you’re supposed to act in front of the camera- happy and smiling! But what we tend to forget is that happiness shines brighter when we don’t force it. When it comes from inside, THAT is when that happiness is at its most beautiful, because the barrier isn’t up and the viewer can see the soul.

Anyway. Enough of the rabbit trail for right now.

Seriously. These guys are so much fun. Amanda and Noel are as sweet as can be, and when they get to laughing, it’s SO contagious- I never understand WHY they’re laughing, but I can’t help but join in! Andrew and Izzy are ADORABLY close- Amanda actually told me when I was giving her the final disc that Andrew is constantly wanting to buy things for Izzy.. anytime they’re at a garage sale or the store, he’ll see something and mention that they should buy it for Izzy!

I’m looking forward to any future shoots we might do! People like Amanda, Noel, Andrew, and sweet baby Izzy are what make me love my job so much. Now, check out the awesome time we had!


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    • Thank you! They are wonderful. Amanda and Noel have been friends for like 30 years. They’re so much fun to be around, because they laugh ALL THE TIME! The first time I shot them, it was for Noel’s baby girl Izzy and their family photos (her dad joined in for that one, and I love some of the daddy/daughter shots we got- I’m a daddy’s girl to the core, so I love seeing dads with their baby girls! my heart just melts). This one was a shoot for Andrew, and his dad, brother, and mom all hopped in for a few shots too. His grandma was even there! It was so much fun 🙂

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