Asia and Nathan’s Woodland Engagement Shoot


Ohhh, I love this session. I have a back story though, so please forgive me for the rabbit trail right off the bat:)

Anyway, a few weeks ago I shot Izzy’s 6 month session on a Friday evening. I was SO excited to get home and start editing! As usual on the night of a shoot, my wonderful husband made dinner and I started into my editing. I usually take a bit of a break to see if there’s anything he needs me to do to help out, so I don’t get terribly far in very early in the evening. Then we sit down, eat, and I get back to editing as we watch something (usually Doctor Who or another sci-fi or BBC show we decide to pick up), and it usually goes till the wee hours of the next morning with husband already sleeping on the couch, usually around 4 or so before I drag him off to bed. WELL that’s what happened that night.. and I had to get up at 7:30 the next morning to go to my little cousin’s baby shower about 3 hours away. Luckily my grandma and grandpa were taking me (no driving! YAY! And I even took my laptop to edit on the road), I drank several cups of coffee, and I was so filled with excitement over seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousins (and their babies!) that I wasn’t too bad off… at least for the first half of the day:)

We got home a bit later than expected, so I grabbed all of my gear from my house, stopped by my parents’ house to grab dad’s camera (I love having his 5D with me- first of all because of the difference in sensors, and also because if it gets a little too dark, it’s quite a bit clearer with less-than-perfect light than my 7D), and went straight for my next shoot: Asia and Nathan’s engagement session!

Coincidentally enough, I met Asia and Nathan for the first time during a cookout a little over a year before, at the very place we had their session- Mounds State Park. Asia is a friend of a girl who had recently started dating one of my other friends at the time. Since that day, both Asia and Beth (the “girl” I mentioned before) have become two lovely ladies I’m happy to call friends:) I’ve also become great friends with Mounds Park- though I’ve loved going there since I was a kid anyway. Now I love it for the variety in settings there, and the great light you can usually get through the trees. Even on a cloudless day, you can get beautiful photos because of the ample shade and gorgeous backdrop. I’d shot there once before for Ashley and Brian’s shoot, and loved that session too. So, I’ve become quite fond of the park for photography reasons:)

Anyway, Asia and Nathan are absolutely perfectly matched. They were high school sweethearts- Nate even has a photo of them together at prom, and an adorable one of little teenage Asia in his garage! SO sweet! They’re really goofy together (which makes me feel a bit more at ease about my own goofy relationship with my husband), and you can just tell how much they love each other.

I was sleep deprived and quite loopy by the time I met up with Asia and Nathan, so my brain was a bit mushy. I definitely didn’t feel on top of my game… but these guys were SO comfortable with each other and so adorably sweet that I didn’t have to do much at all as far as posing them. They were killer! Professionals! Another kicker- Asia also had just run out of contact lenses and hadn’t received her new ones yet, so she had to wear her glasses to walk around (lack of vision and lots of trees aren’t a good combination). She ended up in crazy positions without her glasses anyway, and handled it like a champ. And I absolutely LOVE the end result. This goes to show how much love and happiness shows in photos!

When we were discussing the session beforehand, Asia mentioned the keywords “woodland creatures”, “whimsical”, “easy breezy”, and “romantic”… I think we hit the nail on the head. What do you think? Check out these two little lovebirds:)


2 responses to “Asia and Nathan’s Woodland Engagement Shoot

    • Thank you Agata! They were a blast 🙂 Asia is uninhibited and extremely charismatic (her personality kind of reminds me of my wonderful little sister), and Nathan is quiet and goofy, and very intelligent. They’re a lovely match, and I’m SUPER excited to shoot their wedding next year 🙂

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