Izzy’s 6 Month Shoot!


My goodness, I’m four sessions behind! About a month ago, I received a message from a WONDERFULLY sweet lady named Amanda. Amanda found me through Linzi, the mother of the sweet baby girl I photographed the week before. Amanda has been friends with Noel for 30 years, and after the recent addition to Noel’s family, Amanda wanted to set up a 6 month shoot for baby Elizabeth (Izzy) and Noel.
I can’t even explain how much fun and love was bouncing around that day (and there’s more where that came from when I post my session from this past weekend)! Noel and Amanda are absolutely HILARIOUS together- all of the giggling and whispering and years of inside jokes. Amanda also has a 7 year old son named Andrew. Andrew might as well be Izzy’s brother, they’re just so close. And I have never in my LIFE seen a kid who took such good care of a baby! You could just tell how much Izzy and Adrew loved each other, and I imagine when she’s a teenager, her boyfriends are going to have to watch out, because Andrew will be there to fight them off. Seriously… next best thing to having a big brother, and honestly… I think this little guy takes better care of her than most big brothers do!
Anyway, I had such a blast with this shoot. Izzy was such a sweet little baby doll! Completely stole my heart. The bubbly personality, those eyes, the little smile, the adorable little bald head with tiny blonde whisps..
Yep, she really kicked my baby fever up a notch or two, if little Selena from the week before hadn’t already done the job. Actually, I did begin making tutus like a mad lady the week after Selena’s shoot. This was partially because I was getting ready to go to my cousin Hannah’s baby shower the morning after Izzy’s shoot.. I made the TINIEST little pink tutu and crocheted booties and headband to take to the shower for baby Lovelyn, and then made a few more for my own photographic use. The tutu you see Izzy wearing was made by me, and I’ve still got about 8 more yards of tulle just waiting to be used šŸ˜€ Thank you, JoAnne Fabric sales!
So here is our little session with Izzy, her mommy Noel, her daddy Eric, and her best friends Amanda and Andrew! I think you’ll be seeing a lot of this wonderful little group of people šŸ˜‰


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