Selena- One Month

Look at those eyes! Selena was absolutely precious, and such a good little baby!

Look at those eyes! Selena was absolutely precious, and such a good little baby!

Selena Rose was my second newborn shoot- although technically as far as photography goes, it was more of a 1 month shoot, since generally newborn shoots are done within the first week or so of birth. She was still tiny, but definitely more alert- in fact, I think I only got a few of those typical “sleeping” shots of her- in most of them, she was bright-eyed and beautiful! And boy, did that play to my advantage in some cases.. She had absolutely BEAUTIFUL brown eyes! My goodness. I still can’t get over them, and our photo shoot was over a week ago! Actually, I just still can’t get over how absolutely beautiful she was all around. That full head of black hair, the perfect little features, and those eyes! Such a little sweetheart.
I worked with Selena’s mommy Linzi when I was in high school- actually at my very first job! Ever since then, I’ve been SO jealous of Linzi’s unbelievably gorgeous red hair! Though little Selena’s hair is very obviously black like her daddy’s, I swear I saw a pretty red tint in it when the sun hit it just right. She is going to have absolutely beautiful hair when she gets bigger!

One of my favorite things about this photo shoot was the significance behind the props we used in a few shots. Selena Rose was named after her two grandmothers- On mommy’s side, her grandma’s maiden name is Roseberry, and on her daddy’s side, her grandma’s name is Rosa. So to honor both of them, Linzi asked me if we could incorporate roses into some of the photos. I absolutely LOVED the idea, because I have a total weakness for incorporating meaningful things, especially as far as family goes (as I mentioned in my previous post about Shane and the deer antlers from his father). I think the end result was just so sweet!


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