Clairese’s Photoshoot



Clairese was a wonderful model and super sweet! We didn’t have much light to work with, but I think we got several great shots. I really appreciate my good friend, Samantha, for her wonderful hair and makeup services.. I love working with friends.

A little about Clairese:
She used to live in Muncie Indiana. She actually went to a small Christian high school in Muncie, and my small Christian high school in Anderson used to compete with her school in sports and academics. Though I knew several people from her school (and eventually became good friends with a couple of them in college), I’d never met her because she was a few years younger than me. Anyway, that’s a bit irrelevant. Clairese is pursuing modeling, and does a beautiful job. And, she’s not quite as tall as she looks! She’s close to my height, which is 5’1″. That’s pretty impressive for a model!

A little about Sam:
She’s awesome, has adorable dimples, and a killer hairstylist in the east central Indiana area. She grew up in Virginia. She’s been a close friend of mine for several years now, and is basically the only one who touches my hair or my husbands hair.. why would I go to anyone else if a haircut meant hanging out with a friend? Anyway, she has her awesome little sister Taylor (who is like… 14? I don’t know, I’m bad with ages) living with her, her boyfriend Ryan, and their bunny. He looks like a Rorschach. I actually think that might be his name. Anyway, I totally love Sam.

You know, I really like working with friends for creative things. I have so many talented and creative friends who are great at so many things, and I just enjoy working so much more when it’s a collaboration with someone you enjoy being around anyway. I’d never met Clairese before, but we’ve kind of established a friendship since our shoot. And Sam has been one of my favorite people for quite some time. I think the friendly atmosphere was what made this shoot so much fun!


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