Ashley and Brian’s Timeless Shoot

Well! After about a month long absence, I ended up scheduling four photo shoots in one week, two of which were the same day! My first one was with a high school friend, her boyfriend, and his ADORABLE 8 year old daughter. I’ve shot Ashley one other time, shortly after I started gaining interest in portraits. When I decided I wanted to join a themed photo contest and didn’t really have any model options at my disposal yet, I put out a request for models on my personal facebook page and promptly received a response from Ashley. This worked out wonderfully, not only because she’s ridiculously photogenic, but also because we’ve always both shared a love for long-gone time periods that neither one of us have lived through.  This particular contest was “The Spirit of the 60’s”, and the rules were that the photo be titled the name of a Woodstock era song title, and the subject matter should reflect that title. Oh, and I forgot to mention, it was judged by the well-known Woodstock photographer, Elliott Landy. So I hippied her up with some of my crazy clothing and we went out to a gorgeous aqua colored bridge in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t place, but we did get an honorable mention!
Anyway, the day before the 4th of July, we went out to a local state park and did another shoot. This time, she brought a TON of outfits (and sadly we only had time for three of them), I brought a TON of props and accessories, and we just kinda went with it.  The finished product had such a historic feel to it.  I loved her choice in classy outfits, and Brian looked absolutely dapper. My wonderful dad brought his camera along and we shot together… I just LOVE having him come along and help me. I’m SUPER happy with the results, and I’m excited to share some of my very most favorites from the session! It took quite some time to narrow it down because between my shots and some that my dad got, there were over 1000 to choose from. WHEW. I settled on 75 of my favorites to edit and give to her, but I’ll just post a few of the highlights.


Brian was pretty excited about these. We did the shoot in a local state park, and this house is on it’s grounds. It’s called the Bronnenburg house, and there is a restoration project going on with it. We weren’t there during open house hours, but I think that extra people probably would have added visual clutter to the photos, so it worked out. Apparently, it’s the oldest house still standing in our town, and it’s always been his favorite house. It was my idea to shoot at the state park, so there was no prior planning on that, so I thought it was pretty cool that we just happened to use a location that was so special to him!


So, it’s an outhouse.. It hasn’t been used in well over 100 years and it just plain looks cool, so I think we can let this slide… right?


We were still by the historic house on this one, but ignoring that information, I get kind of a big city feeling from this one. I definitely think those earrings finished off the look!


Look at them, being all cute and lovey.


I really think this is my favorite from the entire day. The lighting was just perfect, the wooden beam made a wonderful background, and she had such a cute little expression on her face. Brian was just out of frame, and that coy little smile was aimed directly at him.


High society 1960’s, anyone? I’m pretty sure I got the hat somewhere for like $2. I think it went beautifully with her outfit here!


Looking back, I wish I hadn’t brightened her face so much. She already has naturally touched up-looking skin IN REAL LIFE, so I really should have just left it alone. I’ll probably go back and redo this one sometime.

There are so many more to this set, but I think these are my absolute favorites.  I also got a TON of Jasmine, Brian’s daughter, but I think I’ll post those separately sometime soon- There are enough of her to create an entire blog post by themselves!


3 responses to “Ashley and Brian’s Timeless Shoot

    • Thanks so much! She’s just so easy to work with! We ended up shooting for about three hours, and we had so much fun! Just wait till I post Jasmine’s… she was my adorable little hat/accessory rack 🙂

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