A Walk in the Park


Such a great dad. It takes a LOT of patience to hang out with this little guy.

Okay, I think it’s time to switch off of the introspective for a while. Here, I have some photos from my puppy Strax’s first walk in the park. Strax had absolutely no attention span WHATSOEVER, and my wonderful husband was so great about wrangling him in, since my hands were full of camera. We had a great time, and I only had to carry Strax for about ten minutes out of the couple hours we were out! Of course, we stopped several times so he could explore 🙂


The “serious look”. He actually looks a bit angry..


AND the “goofball look”.


I’ve really always loved this one.


I don’t actually know what this building is, but I thought it was pretty cool. Especially as the sun was setting!

Anyway. A bit of a boring post perhaps, but it was a great day and I think I got some decent photos to document it 🙂 I just wish he’d let me take his photo more often! The husband, of course. Strax doesn’t really care, but he doesn’t like to sit still long enough to snap a decent photo. I don’t think I’ve managed even one non-blurry photo of him yet, no matter how fast my shutter speed is set to. As a matter of fact, his favorite reaction to my camera is to run up and lick the lens.. ick!


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