This is me! My name is Katie, and I’m an amateur natural light photographer. I’d love to be a professional someday, and that’s exactly what I’m working towards. I definitely would say I’m more talented at artistic photos of inanimate objects, but my real passion is to eventually shoot weddings, couples, families, and portraits. I love people so much, and nothing makes me happier than creating something that they will cherish. I want to be able to capture them at their happiest and most beautiful moments, to make them see how wonderful they really are, and to help women see how BEAUTIFUL they really are. I want to be the one to help document the best of times in a beautiful way, so people can have physical form to the memories- both big and small- that they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives, just the way my daddy captured the little memory of finding a snake on the happiest day of my life- my wedding day.
Here, I’ll be posting my experiences and work throughout my photographic journey. There’s a long road ahead of me and I never expect be as perfect as I hope to be, but isn’t the journey the most important part anyway?


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